Benefits of a Software Developer, overview of this tutorial series.

22-Dec-2023| 6min Read

Hello friends, The primary intention of this channel is to help a person who has an interest in entering the software IT field. Irrespective of his academic career, whether he did ‘commerce’, ‘economics’, ‘MBA’, or any other relevant or irrelevant courses.

We will learn the basics of software development, not only theoretically but also practically. We want to enable the enthusiastic person to achieve his goal of getting a good software developer job. This tutorial series emphasizes how a non-IT person can shift his career to the IT software field.

I was also from a non-IT background 7 years ago and had 3 years of non-software development experience. I always wanted to enter the software IT field, but 7 years ago there was no proper guidance in YouTube to shift a non-IT person to IT. Even now, there is very limited guidance and videos on YouTube that helps a person to enter into the IT field right from the beginning. I did a little hard work, and I was able to crack into the IT development field. Now I work on various technologies like game development (Unity 3D), mobile app development (React Native), web app development (React JS), and backend development (Node Js). Don't worry about these technologies now, in future tutorials you will get to know all of them, which I will explain in plain language.


Let's get started and see what are the benefits of a software developer (in the Indian region).

  1. Salary: The salary of a software developer is excellent when compared to any other field’s job salary. Salary varies depending on various factors like skill, experience, technology, education qualification, location, and so on. Here, I'm talking only about average salaries. The said salaries can be higher or lower depending on various factors.

    Usually, in India, a software developer’s entry salary would range from 3.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs per annum (INR). For employees whose experience ranges from 2 to 3 years, the salary can be around 4.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum (INR). Usually, for a person whose experience is 5 to 6 years, his salary will be at least around 12 lakhs to 14 lakhs CTC per annum.

    CTC means ‘Cost to Company’, how much a company spent on you in that year. So, once you receive your salary in hand or from the bank, it would be for deductions like PF, income tax, health insurance, etc. So if we say 12 lakhs CTC doesn't mean that we will earn 1 lakh per month, obviously there will be deductions.

  2. Hikes: Hikes for software developer jobs are far better than any other field’s job. Usually in other fields, in India, an employee gets around 5 to 10% of the increment per year. But in the IT software field, the hike can range from as much as 100% to as low as 10%. Hike depends on various factors like the employee’s performance, the project’s earnings, the company’s growth, your relationship with the manager, and so on. The hike cycle will be set differently in different companies; in a few companies, the hike cycle starts in December; in a few companies, it can be in April, etc.

  3. Environment/Working Conditions: The working conditions of a software developer will be far better than those of any non-IT professional. As I myself was in the non-IT field for around 3 years, I observed that the working environment is not as great as in software companies. We get an air-conditioned office, good infrastructure, many perks, etc. It seems obvious, but not so. Let's take an example of a construction field. You will observe the hard and harsh working conditions in the environment.

  4. Learning: In this field, we get the great opportunity to learn on a daily basis. We always stay updated with the latest happenings in technology. We usually won't feel bored as the work is dynamic.


These are only a few of the benefits that I listed; there are many more.

Don't we have any disadvantages working in the IT software field? Definitely not; there are a few downsides, like mental pressure, internal politics, and so on. Let's discuss this on any other day.


So, let's dive into this tutorial series. In future tutorials, you will get to learn many things.

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